Dolby Atmos sound experience in Windows 10

The new Windows 10 Creators Update, includes the new additional support for Dolby Atmos. The Dolby Atmos audio testing app has created it to Windows Store, adding support for PCs, tablets, and smartphones with Windows 10

What is Dolby Atmos?

The technology is developed by Dolby Laboratories that’s supported sound objects, typically operated in cinemas, to produce a surround audio system “wraparound” throughout playback of films, video or music. It is a sound format used to deliver a supported sound recording to the quality surround speakers placed either in a walled space of your house or on the ceilings of an open boundary. Dolby Atmos is devised to produce further height to the soundscape, creating the expertise additional gripping and two-dimensional. However, you’re progressing to need a Dolby Atmos-certified amplifier or av receiver for a fuller experience.

Dolby Atmos advantages

Watch video!

  • Amazing sound

Dolby Atmos® transforms mobile entertainment. Over inbuilt speakers or headphones, the sound appears to return from all directions, as well as overhead, with astonishing clarity, richness, power, and depth.

  • Moving audio

When you placed on your headphones, the sounds of individuals, places, things, and music appear to maneuver all around and on top of you, thus you’re feeling like you are within the action.

  • Powerful expertise

It’s the sound that excites your senses and evokes your emotions to deliver the complete impact of diversion.

How to get it on your Windows 10 PC

  1. Download the official Application of Dolby Atmos from Windows Store. Dolby Access
  2. Next register for free trial of 30 days it will change some of your audio settings
  3. Hurray you are done just grab the pair of your headphone and enjoy the Dolby atmos experience


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